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Driving digital care, together.

As a Belgian organization, we want to boost the health sector as a whole. So we rolled up our sleeves to create a collective platform from a maze of data. Our core? We enable collaboration across the entire ecosystem with one centralised electronic health record (EHR) that follows the patient. As a true facilitator, we connect patients and caregivers to make better decisions, align treatments and achieve greater efficiency.
What exactly is a centralised health record?

An EHR (Electronic Health Record) is the most complete picture possible of the patient. This includes the information from previous treatments by other partners that use nexuzhealth. In addition, the application also digitises internal workflows, resulting in smoother collaborations. When everyone works efficiently with the same all-encompassing record, the data is complete and immediately available, which will help treat the patient in the best possible way.

An accessible two-way exchange between patients and care providers.

1 centralised approach towards better care.

Our goal?

A healthier society.

For who and how do we roll up our sleeves?

By collaborating with numerous healthcare providers and institutions, the nexuzhealth ecosystem is a growing and thriving story. Our central approach consists of 3 platforms and 4 products.

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