Statement concerning your patient details

Nexuzhealth nv is a company incorporated under Belgian law, having its registered office in Hasselt (enterprise number 0667 753 542). Nexuzhealth is a joint venture between Cegeka Health Care nv and UZ Leuven.

Nexuzhealth is a supplier of software to healthcare institutions for managing Electronic Patient Records (EPD). This EPD is one centrally managed record across all nexuzhealth healthcare institutions. This means that information can be added about you as a patient in the same central record in all nexuzhealth healthcare institutions. In this way each healthcare professional involved in your treatment can access all the information needed to provide you with the best possible care.

Access to your patient record

However, this central patient record means that not everyone can access your record in the nexuzhealth healthcare institutions. Your record is protected by strict access rules that we can translate into three main principles:

  • All care providers with which you have a therapeutic link as the patient can access your record. This therapeutic link is established on the basis of planned or performed actions such as consultations, interventions and examinations. Moreover, it is limited in time, therefore it only concerns care providers who are involved in an ongoing treatment.
  • The function of a care provider determines how much they can see. A doctor will be able to see more than an administrative worker.
  • Care providers may also request access themselves to your patient record if this is necessary. The care provider must state a reason to do so and your treating care providers are informed of this. This means there is a continuous check on access to your record.

Nexuzhealth ensures that every access to or change in your record is recorded. As a patient you may request access from your healthcare institution to the audit logs in which these actions are listed.

Deleting your account on or the mynexuzhealth app

Mynexuzhealth is a portal that gives you, as a patient, access to your patient record. You can register to receive an overview of your appointments, data, access and connected institutions. If you no longer wish to make use of this, you can delete the mynexuzhealth app from your device or no longer register via

It is not possible to delete the data in your account, as this is only a representation of your patient record that is managed by the healthcare institutions. The nexuzhealth healthcare institutions are bound by legal retention periods and are not authorised to delete your data. If you have any questions about this, please contact the nexuzhealth healthcare institution(s) you are connected to.

Changes to this policy

Nexuzhealth reserves the right to make changes to this policy. This policy was last amended on 11/1/2023.


Nexuzhealth itself does not manage personal data of patients, but merely works as a processor on behalf of nexuzhealth healthcare institutions. If you have any questions concerning the data that you, as a user, share with the nexuzhealth healthcare institutions via the mynexuzhealth app or concerning the processing of the data in your electronic patient record, please contact the nexuzhealth healthcare institution(s) that you are connected to, for this purpose.

Stappen in onze sollicitatieprocedure

  • Basics

    De cv-screening is de eerste fase in het screeningsproces.
    Wij bekijken je cv en bepalen of er een fit is.

  • Cultuur

    In de tweede fase volgt er een virtueel gesprek.
    We vertellen je wat meer over onze organisatie en we zijn benieuwd naar hoe jij je toekomst ziet.

  • Jobinhoud

    Daarna volgen er 1 à 2 gesprekken met toekomstige teamleads en teamleden.

  • Voorstel

    We doen een voorstel tot aanwerving.

Cegeka als partner

Cegeka wordt ingeschakeld als partner voor de begeleiding van het rekruteringsproces. De inhoudelijke gesprekken vinden plaats met jouw toekomstige collega’s bij nexuzhealth.

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