nexuzhealth pro, software for home care nurses


The newest, most efficient software

Nexuzhealth pro is the most efficient electronic health record for home nurses, the software focuses on the availability of medical data, collaboration and reduces administrative burdens.

The electronic patient record (EHR)  is centralised, a central EHR combines information from general practitioners, hospitals, and home nursing staff. This results in a more complete picture of the patient’s data, making it easier for home nurses to collaborate and treat the patient in the best possible way.

All functionalities needed as a home nurse are available within the homologated, efficient and reliable software.

Developed with and for home care nurses

Central patient health record

A central patient health record combines information from GPs, hospitals, and home nursing staff. This results in a more complete picture of the patient data. And this makes all collaboration run more smoothly. When everyone works efficiently with the same universal record, the data is complete and immediately available, which will help you treat the patient in the best possible way.

A shared patient record offers opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration between GPs, specialists, home nursing and hospitals.

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Three pillars of support

Administrative simplification

  • Personal and contact data
  • Care teams
  • Scheduling of care and staff
  • Registration of absences of patients
  • Notifications (STVV, Appendix 81)
  • Charging and billing
  •  Automatic creation of reports (nursing consultation, wound care reports)
  • Document module

Complete medical record

  • Medical history
  • Nursing problems
  • Objectives
  • Observations
  • Parameters
  • Pain recording
  • Evaluation scales (Katz, Braden)
  • Care records:
    • Palliative record
    • Diabetes care file
    • Wound care record with photographs
  • Medication
  • Lab results
  • Overall care plan

Collaborate efficiently

  • Share data with general practitioners
  • Insight into hospital records
  • eHealth links: MyCareNet, Vitalink (SumEHR, medication schedule, journal), hubs, eHealthbox, therapeutic relationship, informed consent…

The mobile app

Better care entirely within reach
  • Extensive registration of the care provided
  • Available online and offline
  • Link to Bluetooth eID card reader (also without Internet connection)
  • For Android and iOS
  • Navigation to the patient’s address
  • Calling via the app
  • Upload photos

Join us on the pathway to better care

As a customer

For large organisations with greater numbers of nurses, nexuzhealth provides direct access to software and services tailored to your needs.

Through a specialised reseller

Smaller groups or individual nurses can connect to the software through specialised resellers: nexuzhealth pro for home nursing. When connecting through a reseller, you can count on administrative support, implementation, training and more.


More benefits you can rely on

your operational support

  • Official approved software
  • Maximum connectivity: access to up-to-date data no matter where you are
  • Automatic back-ups and updates

greater insight into the patient

  • Zorgoptimalisatie: nauwkeurige en uitgebreide patiënteninformatie
  • Efficient communication with primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals
  • Wissel gemakkelijk medische informatie uit via het centraal EPD

Collaboration with other care providers and patients

  • Continuity of care due to direct exchange of data with general practitioners
  • mynexuzhealth: patient monitoring and communication
  • User-friendly, modern and intuitive software
  • Linked to all eHealth services


A modern cloud solution

You can easily access the platform via an Internet browser or via the mobile app.

The patient records are available at anytime, anywhere.

Updates are fast with automatic back-ups.

The data is safely stored and processed

A high-quality ecosystem

The story of nexuzhealth is one of collaboration. And it stays that way. Because only when we write that story together will we achieve our goal: a healthier society. In addition to nexuzhealth pro for general home care nurses, we also offer solutions for patients (mynexuzhealth) and external healthcare providers (nexuzhealth consult).


The entire ecosystem mainly offers optimal communication and data exchange when the patient is also connected to mynexuzhealth. Via mynexuzhealth, the patient has access to his personal reports, scans, appointments, invoices and so much more.


nexuzhealth consult

Nexuzhealth consult gives you free insight into the patient files of the hospitals in combination with data from eHealth. With nexuzhealth consult, as a professional healthcare provider, consult images, reports, medication overviews, lab results and much more. You can also send messages, refer patients and schedule appointments yourself with a specialist in the hospital.

Would you like to discover more about how our software can lighten your load?

Then please contact us or take a look at the list of specialised resellers.

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