New EMR for general practitioners

Nexuzhealth, Flemish market leader in the field of electronic health records for hospitals (CWS), is now also launching an electronic medical record for GP's. This new cloud application, called nexuzhealthpro, is based on a central patient file. The ultimate goal of the application is for all disciplines to work together on a single record, enabling multidisciplinary cooperation and the smooth exchange of data between general practitioners, specialists, home care nurses and hospitals.

The brand new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for GP’s is a user-friendly application that was developed in close consultation with GP’s. Nexuzhealthpro supports doctors in their daily work and contributes to efficient communication and multidisciplinary cooperation between various care providers.

A more complete picture of patient’s health

“Nexuzhealthpro works with a central patient record,” says Gertie Delande, CEO at nexuzhealth. “Because everyone contributes to the same record, healthcare providers get a more complete picture of the patient’s health condition. In addition, it offers possibilities for multidisciplinary cooperation and a smooth exchange of data between general practitioners, home care nurses, specialists and hospitals.”

Respect for privacy

“Everything happens within the platform, with advanced access controls and with respect for the privacy of the patient and care providers. Of course, cooperation with other healthcare providers, who do not use the nexuzhealth software, remains possible. Nexuzhealthpro also communicates with numerous applications via eHealth, which makes it possible, for example, to exchange medication schedules, update the patient’s vaccination schedule, or send messages via the secure mailbox (eHealthBox),” emphasises Gertie Delande.

Modern cloud solution

With nexuzhealthpro, the principle of the central patient record is continued in the cloud, which offers many advantages. “Nexuzhealthpro is a modern cloud solution, which uses the latest technologies. As a result, the GP does not have to worry about data security or time-consuming updates. All data is kept in a secure environment and all updates and backups are automatically applied. Opening the application via the Internet browser makes it very easy to start up. Moreover, it ensures that the file is available anytime, anywhere, without the doctor having to worry about his IT infrastructure,” says Prof. Dr. Bart Van den Bosch, CTO of nexuzhealth.

Information round

The central patient record is a new feature within the first line. “That is why we want to inform general practitioners in the time ahead,” continues Gertie Delande. “In recent months, we have informed many stakeholders such as professional associations or government bodies about the vision and possibilities of the central patient record and about the functionalities of nexuzhealthpro. We would now like to continue this information tour within local GP associations and LOK groups.”

Future plans

The switch to a central patient record in the cloud offers many opportunities for the future. The scalability of the system makes it possible to expand and allow more and more target groups to access the platform. For example, nexuzhealth has already started developing an electronic record for the home nurse. This will allow the home nurse to also contribute to the central patient record and further facilitate intensive cooperation with the GP and the hospital.

“The focus is currently on GP’s, home nurses and hospitals,” says Gertie Delande. “The next logical step is to allow the specialists in their home practice to work on the same file. The possibilities for other sectors are currently being explored. The ultimate goal should be to allow as many actors in the healthcare landscape as possible to work together safely and efficiently on the patient’s file, thus contributing to a healthier world,” Gertie concludes.

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