Downloads of mynexuzhealth four times higher in one year

The use of the mynexuzhealth app has more than quadrupled in one year. At the beginning of 2020, 55,000 patients were using the application on their mobile phones. One year later, the number of downloads of the mobile app has increased to 240,000 in Flanders. Via mynexuzhealth, patients have access to their medical records, and other items. For example, they can access validated final reports of examinations, radiological scans, consultations, hospital admissions or laboratory results online. This was announced by nexuzhealth, a joint venture between UZ Leuven and IT Solution Provider Cegeka.

The number of downloads and the use of the mynexuzhealth app have risen sharply over the past 12 months. At the beginning of 2020, mynexuzhealth had 30,000 Android downloads and 25,000 downloads on iOS. One year later, those numbers have risen for both systems to 120,000 each for a total of 240,000. In addition to the mobile application, patients also found their way to the mynexuzhealth website, where we observed a peak of 125,000 unique visitors per month. That number has since stabilised at 90,000 visitors per month.

“COVID-19 has posed a special challenge to our healthcare sector over the past year. We can only have respect for how our healthcare providers have assisted their patients in unprecedented circumstances. With our online and mobile application mynexuzhealth, we have tried to do our bit to relieve the care staff in a lot of Flemish hospitals and to make the life of patients easier”, says Gertie Delande, nexuzhealth CEO.

Rapid turnaround at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Mynexuzhealth has facilitated a rapid turnaround in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. “For example, doctors and specialists in hospitals have been able to switch from physical to online appointments. This was made possible by the integration of video consultations in mynexuzhealth. It is important to point out that these conversations between patient and doctor take place in an IT-secure environment,” explains Delande. “In addition, the increase in downloads is also due to the fact that patients can see their COVID test results in the app,” says Delande.

App makes it easy for patients

About half the hospitals in Flanders work with the nexuzhealth patient file, with the associated platform mynexuzhealth that focuses on sharing information with the patient. “Patients can find an overview of their reports, medical imaging, invoices and appointments. The aim is to make the patient’s life as easy as possible. For example, making or cancelling an appointment is very easy. This proved to be a great asset during the corona crisis, at a time when appointments could suddenly not take place,” explains Delande.

About nexuzhealth

Nexuzhealth is the Flemish market leader in the management of electronic health records (EHR). Founded in 2016 by UZ Leuven and Cegeka, it builds on 25 years of development of the Clinical Workstation (CWS) within UZ Leuven. Nexuzhealth combines the many years of experience of both organisations in ICT and healthcare with the passion of a start-up.

By offering transparent and unambiguous cooperation between different hospitals and the patient, nexuzhealth increases the quality of the care.

Today, 33 Flemish hospitals and care institutions already work with KWS, accounting for approximately half of the Flemish hospital beds. Patients are also increasingly visiting, the platform where each patient of an affiliated healthcare institution can consult their own records free of charge. About 1 million patients already use the record in their contact with their healthcare team, either via computer or smartphone.

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