About nexuzhealth

Nexuzhealth is the Flemish market leader for the creation, implementation and maintenance of centralised electronic health records (EHR). By offering medical data in a transparent and unambiguous way to hospitals, general practitioners, home nurses and the patient, nexuzhealth wants to contribute to the quality of care with digital solutions.


Today, more than 35 Flemish hospitals and healthcare institutions are already working with EHR. Patients are also finding their way to the mynexuzhealth app, the platform where patients from a connected healthcare institution can consult their own records free of charge.  About 1 million patients are already using their health record in their dealings with their care team. Via nexuzhealth consult, external healthcare providers also have free access.


Nexuzhealth was founded by UZ Leuven and European IT company Cegeka in 2016 and thus combines both organisations’ years of experience in ICT and healthcare with the passion of a scale-up. CEO Gertie Delande is at the helm of the company.

En offrant la collaboration entre les différents hôpitaux et le patient de manière transparente et sans ambiguïté, nexuzhealth augmente la qualité des soins.

Aujourd’hui, 112 hôpitaux et établissements de soins flamands travaillent déjà avec KWS, qui représente environ la moitié des lits d’hôpitaux flamands. Les patients trouvent également leur chemin vers mynexuzhealth.be, la plateforme où chaque patient d’un établissement de santé affilié peut consulter gratuitement son dossier. Environ 1 million de patients utilisent déjà le dossier dans leurs contacts avec leur équipe soignante, que ce soit via ordinateur ou smartphone.


New EMR for general practitioners

Nexuzhealth, Flemish market leader in the field of electronic health records for hospitals (CWS), is now also launching an electronic medical record for GP’s. This new cloud application, called nexuzhealthpro, is based on a central patient file. The ultimate goal of the application is for all disciplines to work together on a single record, enabling multidisciplinary cooperation and the smooth exchange of data between general practitioners, specialists, home care nurses and hospitals.

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Downloads of mynexuzhealth four times higher in one year

The use of the mynexuzhealth app has more than quadrupled in one year. At the beginning of 2020, 55,000 patients were using the application on their mobile phones. One year later, the number of downloads of the mobile app has increased to 240,000 in Flanders. Via mynexuzhealth, patients have access to their medical records, and other items. For example, they can access validated final reports of examinations, radiological scans, consultations, hospital admissions or laboratory results online. This was announced by nexuzhealth, a joint venture between UZ Leuven and IT Solution Provider Cegeka.

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Nexuzhealth further extends its services to primary care. For some years now, mynexuzhealthpro.be has been the channel where general practitioners can view their patients’ hospital records. This way, they always have the most complete picture of their patient’s condition.

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    Daarna volgen er 1 à 2 gesprekken met toekomstige teamleads en teamleden.

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Cegeka als partner

Cegeka wordt ingeschakeld als partner voor de begeleiding van het rekruteringsproces. De inhoudelijke gesprekken vinden plaats met jouw toekomstige collega’s bij nexuzhealth.

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