As a patient you can access your reports, appointments, invoices, medical images and personal data online via the mynexuzhealth web portal and app.

What can you do with mynexuzhealth?

Manage your administration

  • Appointments

    You can see your scheduled appointments at all hospitals affiliated with nexuzhealth. You will also find the confirmation letter with additional explanations. At some hospitals you can also schedule a new appointment yourself. Do you use the app? Then you can also synchronise the appointments with your personal calendar.

  • Invoices

    More and more hospitals are allowing you to view and even pay your invoices. For this purpose, we use Doccle, which can be linked to your account in a few simple steps.

Consult your medical record

  • Contacts

    Every appointment, telephone contact or admission consists of ‘contact moments’. In mynexuzhealth you will find an overview of all contacts, possibly with accompanying documents. Consultations between healthcare providers where you are not present are also shown here.

  • Reports

    An overview of validated final reports of examinations, radiological scans, consultations, hospital admissions, function measurements or laboratory results. You will see reports after they have been validated by the treating doctor. Also read the disclaimer with important points of attention and the FAQ about this.

  • Technical reports

    Technical reports such as lab and pathology reports, electrocardiogram and radiological images can be found here. We recommend always discussing these reports with your doctor or physician for clarification.

  • Documents and images

    Many reports also contain attachments such as photographs, film, documents and drawings. All these documents and images can be found together here.

  • Prescriptions

    Your doctor’s prescriptions can also be found in mynexuzhealth. You can consult them here and with the barcode you can collect your medication from the pharmacy.

  • Documentation

    In mynexuzhealth we bundle the information where possible and offer it online. This way, you can read everything at home after your visit to the hospital. The medical information consists of brochures, videos, pictures, links to websites... There may be no information available for your condition.

  • External sources

    If you have given your informed consent via the government's eHealth platform, you can find your medical data from external applications connected to the eHealth hubs in mynexuzhealth.

Communicate with your caregivers

  • Questionnaires and diaries

    For certain care paths we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire or keep a diary. Your entries will help your health care providers to give you the best treatment. Keeping a diary also helps you to get a better view of your illness or treatment. Questionnaires and diaries are not available for all patients.

  • Messages

    Do you have questions about your invoice, administrative data or need technical support? Send us a message. Some services can be contacted directly via the message module.
    Of course, mynexuzhealth is not intended to replace direct communication with healthcare providers in the hospital.

Manage your profile

  • Personal details

    View or change your personal data, your language preference, your contact details... This is also where you can manage your password and user name to log in.

  • Messages

    Decide if and when you want to receive e-mail reminders about your appointments or new information in your file.

  • Access

    See which GP or referring healthcare professional can access your electronic patient record in a nexuzhealth hospital from their practice. You can also request access for third parties (for example, your minor children).

Stappen in onze sollicitatieprocedure

  • Basics

    De cv-screening is de eerste fase in het screeningsproces.
    Wij bekijken je cv en bepalen of er een fit is.

  • Cultuur

    In de tweede fase volgt er een virtueel gesprek.
    We vertellen je wat meer over onze organisatie en we zijn benieuwd naar hoe jij je toekomst ziet.

  • Jobinhoud

    Daarna volgen er 1 à 2 gesprekken met toekomstige teamleads en teamleden.

  • Voorstel

    We doen een voorstel tot aanwerving.

Cegeka als partner

Cegeka wordt ingeschakeld als partner voor de begeleiding van het rekruteringsproces. De inhoudelijke gesprekken vinden plaats met jouw toekomstige collega’s bij nexuzhealth.

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