Clinical Workstation (KWS)
for care institutions


Your patients, your focus.

Lean on the support of our Clinical Workstation (Klinisch Werkstation or KWS) to grasp more efficiency with the data flows that are created and accessed at your hospital. Improve processes, gain medical insights and drive collaboration. Ready to take part in the digital evolution of healthcare? Then come and explore the potential of a centralised electronic health record and the matching services tailored to hospitals and care institutions.


Clinical Workstation (KWS)

Services and solutions

Gain full access to all the benefits of the centralised EHR and our ecosystem. In short, we offer services in the creation, implementation and management of the EHR. Some additional options we can offer are integration services to enable connections with partners and the wider healthcare ecosystem, including the government and, as hospitals do not always have in-house IT resources, we can also provide support during a project through custom consultancy and development.

Create: Through close collaboration, we create a roadmap and applications based on the EHR and the needs of the hospital. 

Implement: Our products is based on our in-house healthcare knowledge and best practices from our partners. Thanks to the input of more than 35 hospitals that collaborate with us, our roadmap is tried and tested and continuously improved. 

Manage: We run the EHR and the applications in a “as a service” model.


Central EHR

All entries made at the affiliated healthcare institutions are entered into the central record. This way, treating healthcare providers get a full picture of the patient's health status.

Software as a service

KWS runs entirely in our data centres which are external to the hospital. Security, maintenance and back-up are part of our service.

Automatic updates

On average, gradual updates are carried out every two weeks and rolled out across all healthcare institutions. This means that everyone always has the latest version of CWS at their disposal.


Features of the EHR

 administration and planning
  • Patient management
  • Pre-billing
  • Appointments
  • Planning and logistic
  • Material management
  • Patient transportation
  • Central sterilisation
  • Order entry (radiology, lab and physiotherapy) 
  • Medical records
  • Medication and chemotherapy
  • Critical care
  • (Nurse) care planning
  • Clinical decision support
  • Analytics
  • Reporting


3 pillars of KWS

The main benefit of our EHR is the fact that our EHR is centralised. A centralised EHR combines information from different health care providers, such as GPs, home nurses and hospitals, thereby giving the most complete picture possible of the patient.

a boost of your operational excellence

  • Efficient digital workflows
  • Cost-effective
  • Maximum connectivity, complete logging and automated billing

gain insights in a user-friendly manner

  • Interoperability through a common data model
  • Optimisation of care: more accurate and comprehensive patient information 
  • Clinical analysis: alerts and preventive care

collaborations with clients and other professionals

  • Follow-up of patients via mynexuzhealth
  • Up-to-date data
  • Everywhere: mobile with the companion app
  • Continuity of care through collaboration 
  • Patient follow-up with mynexuzhealth

A high-performing ecosystem

The story of nexuzhealth is one of collaboration. And it stays that way. Only when we write this story together will we reach our goal: a healthier society.


Connect with your patients through the patient engagement portal. The mynexuzhealth applications gives patients access to their personal reports, images, appointments, invoices and more. The patient will also be able to communicate and exchange data with care providers. Putting both the patient and top-quality care firmly back in focus.

nexuzhealth consult

Through our nexuzhealth consult application we offer a broad overview of a patient’s electronic health record for all involved in the patient journey. This means that all external healthcare professionals, can schedule appointments at your hospital. This allows you to collaborate with other primary care providers and contribute to more efficient care for all.

Want to go over the specifics together?

We would love to have you on board as we move towards a more efficient and healthier society.

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